Monday, April 2, 2012

2009,   year of Killer Diarrhea in jajarkot

236 People died in Jajarkot due to diarrhea in 2009.

Main Entrance of head quarter of Jajarkot district

Locked health post of Dhime VDC of Jajarkot

A women carried her elder son for treatment in the health post unfortunately health post was closed

A paitent of Dierahha in the Dhime VDC of Jajarkot. Dhime Health post just 15 min on walk from her home but health post was closed and health worker was out of the village.

Beautiful scenario of Dhime VDC of Jajarkot.

Orphans of Panchkatiya VDC of Jajarkot. Their parents died due to diarrhea.

Activist of Nepal Redcross giving information about health education

One of the drinking water resource of in a village of Jajarkot

We found many used packet of Nav jal, Jivan Jal on  the way 

Health worker of a health post,  giving medicine to the child after checkup


Tie sheet of Chess Tournament of 1970

Today I have found tie sheet of Chess Tournament on the Occasion of '6th Youth Sports Festival',
 June 1970  (2027 Jestha B.S.)