Friday, November 2, 2012

Short visit to the Rome of Nepal

Bhaktapur is also known as Rome of Nepal. We have been to Bhaktapur several times. Last time  my wife Dipana, Son Ritav and me were in Bhaktapur. We took a bus from Lagankhel to Dudhpati. We then entered the Datattraya area and then my son Ritav saw the sign board of Museum and requested to go inside. We visited two museums at that time. Those were 'Wood art Museum' and another  was 'Bronze and Brass Museum'. After visiting these two museum we went to Durbar Square in evening.
Museum of wooden craft 

Wooden windows inside of Museum 

Shiva Biswarupa of 18 century  : Cosmic incatanatory  form of Lord Shiva

Marya Vijaya, 17th century  :  victory over the evil Mara the disturber, who tried  unsuccessfully to temp Lord Buddha from his mediation 

Tundals of 17th century  

My son Ritav Sharma posing as wooden statue of Krihsna & Balram
(18th Century )

Wooden craft of 15th Century 

Wall Painting of 'Umamaheshwor'

Traditional lock  

Wooden windows

wooden door with traditional lock 

An item of Wooden Art Museum 

My wife Dipana Sharma  reading information about museum of Wood Art Museum

Glimpses of the Bronze and Brass Museum 

Short information about the Bronze and Brass Museum 

Traditional Measuring items 

Datatryaya Temple from Museum 

Wood Art Museum from Bronze Museum

Wood Art Museum from Bronze Museum

Some other Glimpses of Bhaktapur

Making wooden toys
Photographs of  Goddess

Going to school

Different interest 

Sliding Ganesh 

Evening in Durbar Squire 

Evening in Durbar Squire 

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