Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Niederfinow : Ship Lifter

I was in Berlin for Training for Traniner (ToT) in Photojournalism in IIJB. I got a chance to visit Neiderfinow. It was around 50 kilometer far from Berlin.

2009 was diamond jubilee of Niederfinow. It was amazing giant steel structure like a heavy industry. 

Actually it was ship lifter . I am a citizen of landlocked country, ship would be interesting thing for me and it was  ship lifter ...amazing. 
It has been running to its full capacity about 11,000 ships passing through each year.  It is also popular destination for tourists. About 500,000 tourists visit every year.

Under way to  Niederfinow

Close to Niederfinow
Ticket counter of Niederfinow for tourists
Ship under way to Niederfinow to lift up
Ship reached to Niederfinow

Ship getting inside of  Niederfinow
Parked hip inside Niederfinow

 Parked ship tightening with thick rope inside Niederfinow

Tourists watching and taking photographs of all the process of ship lifting  

Heavy steel structure inside Niederfinow

Steel ropes and heavy weight of steel  inside

Steel Structure Outside of Niederfinow

Looks like leg of elephant whole Niederfinow structure stands in these steel legs

A heavy part of machine in the period of construction of Niederfinow

Now ship is beginning  to up lift .
(The level of ship can be seen above the level of the ground in the picture.)

Ship came out after being lifted
(The ship is actually 60 m above the main river from where the whole process started. The river can be seen in the above picture corresponding with the main street.)

Beautiful scenario from the top of Niederfinow

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