Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Party for Crows

A Party for Crows

- Ritav Sharma(14 years)

Today, we served the crow clan a party .Which had carcasses of 6 rats, brought down in our kitchen. Those rats had been ruling our kitchen for almost one month .Me, my father, Mother and our dog hunted them .There was a mother rat and its 6 young ones, all six of them were killed but the mother rat escaped .It was not an easy task, we had to put the windows close tight, make sure none of them escaped and so on .Even though we were the ones to kill them so hard, the treat belonged to the crow clan. 
My dad decided to take a photo of the crows but they didn’t dare to take any of them in front of him, but, when he hide inside the room and clicked the photo, then one by one rat were taken away.

 Photo: Bimal C. Sharma

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