Monday, April 19, 2010

Jatra bhitra ko jaatra:

Last nine days, the environment of Bhaktapur was different than all other days in a year. Its full of festivals where people were enjoying it from their inner heart. All the places are filled with joyful music that fills visitor's ears and the crowd there tells all the people how important the festival was. All the tourists can realize how peaceful place is Bhaktapur and how hard-working ants are the local people there, if they look in carefully during this festival season. Bhaktapur is a historical and identical place full of natural beauties and religious practices.

But among all these wonderful events during festival season, one more shameful thing was occurring, that is scarcity of water. Here, water comes three hours once in five days that also at night. In this water fair, people try their best to get water and if they don't, they sometimes burst out with a fight. They hardly get 2-4 buckets of water and people are forced to end those 4 buckets in 4-5 days. People are not being able to use water sufficiently even during festival. People are searching for many other places to get water but in vain. There are water spouts and other resources but the main point is missing - water.

Stoped for next five days.
Text by: Dipana Sharama
Translation in to  English by : Subina Sharma


Jitu'cha said...

'Jatra bhitra ko jatra' herda dukkha laggyo ra Bimal ji ko .. subject selection ma ramailo. Issue well poked, hope concerned authority will come up with some solution to rescue those tired, restless, thirsty people of Bhakatapur.

Just a thought. Instead of posting lots of photos.. you should have selected stronger one and post them even more strongly. Sometime lots of photos weaken issues they tend to raise.

Keep up the good work.

Sagar Ghimire said...

Bimal dai ko theme selection man paryo....picture ni ramra chan...wish u all the best dai