Thursday, October 24, 2013

An Evening At Ason, Kathmandu, Nepal

I was returning home with my family after getting Tika and blessings on the occasion of Dashain, from my only aunt at Naradevi , Kathmandu.When we arrived Ason, there was a festival where many people gathered around  the Annapurna Temple.Some people carried a small chariot of the God. One of them was spinning an umbrella  over the chariot.  It looked really nice. Unfortunately I did not have tripod and much time, so I couldn't  spent enough time and took a good photo. But then again, I took some photographs,  here they are.....  
Annapurna Temple at Ason

Spinning umbrella over chariot 
A painting back side of  chariot 

Chariot taking in the front of Annapurna Temple 

 Statue of Gods inside  chariot 

Chariot stopped in front of Annapurna Temple 

Annapurna Temple at Ason

Annapurna Temple at Ason

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