Saturday, May 7, 2016



Photographs taken by a beginner photographer, exhibited at Lalitpur Mall, Lagankhel, Laltipur  on 13th May, 2016. 18 photographs taken by six beginner photographers were exhibited who were participants of a week long "Basic Photography workshop".

Memory Zone Nepal conducted this workshop on Basic Photography in  association with Lions Club of Kathmandu Bishalbazar and Leo Club of  Kathmandu Bishalbazar in Lalitpur .

I got opportunity to share my experiences amongst these creative participants of  this workshop.

Here are some photographs taken by the participants during practical session.

Utsav Acharya (8 years) was the youngest participant of this workshop. Here are three photographs taken by him during the practical session of workshop.

Ritav Sharama Rajopadhyaya (14 years)

Abhinav Neuoane (15 years)

Aman Shrestha (16 years)

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